Sydney Matters: 29 May 2013

Sydney Matters: 29 May 2013

Ms DaleStephanie Dale – DMC Advertising Group

From graphic designer to Corporate CEO . Stephanie began her career in 1975 as a graphic designer in mainstream advertising and became involved in Sales Promotion, including strategy, concept, design, production and project management.
She took a sales role in the relatively new field of Direct Marketing. Concetrating on the challenges of Sales and Marketing moving into Sales Management and eventually the position of General Manager with International Company RL Polk at the time one of the largest Direct Marketing production and database marketing companies in Australia. Stephanie was the youngest and the first female General Manager in this field in Australia.

In January 1996 Polk was purchased by The Salmat Group and Stephanie decided to open DMC Advertising Group. The business started as a simple consultancy and has now grown to a full service advertising agency and production house including graphic design, web design, campaign development, corporate branding, strategic development, copywriting, database management, relationship marketing, direct marketing, mail production, print management and sales promotion development, software and management.

Divided into three divisions – Net Response, D~M Connection and The Winning Process these businesses all fall under the one collective banner of DMC Advertising Group.
Additionally the Net Response team developed custom built software to revolutionize retail sales promotion programs – a system which was awarded Best New Product Innovation at the Suncorp Western Sydney Business of Excellence Awards. That same year DMC Advertising Group also won Business of the Year. Stephanie has also been awarded Entrepreneur of the Year in both 2007 and 2009.

Stephanie developed a business womens’ mentoring program, wrote the book Lingerie Logic, is often booked for corporate speaking engagements throughout Australia . and is the current President of Parramatta Chamber of Commerce. (6th largest CBD in Aust)



StuartStewart Laughton – Wealth Diaries

Wealth Diaries eventuated from a working holiday in America back in 2009. Launching Wealth Diaries for me was about meeting inspiring entrepreneur’s and interviewing them to share their experiences to help the future generation. The lessons from the interviews are invaluable. Some of the lessons I learnt was to be persistent and to step outside your comfort zone which lead me to meet Dorry Kordahi at Andrew Morello’s party in Bondi Beach. I recognised Dorry as he was a new entrant in the BRW Young rich list that year so I approached him, congratulated him on his newly launched book ‘Power to Act’ and success with his international merchandising business – DKM Blue.

This is were persistence pays off and where it all begun. I started busting his chops for over a month until he finally agreed to meet with me in Wooloomooloo – I explained my vision and why Wealth Diaries was important to me. I had a business plan and was getting frustrated that over the years it wasn’t rolling out the way I had initially envisioned.
I shared my business plan with Dorry and in typical entrepreneur form, he flicked through the business plan, he looked at me, then he looked back at the business plan – and I was starting to get excited as he seemed like he was really into it, and I shit you not, he picked it up and ripped it in half.
An idea can turn to magic or dust depending on the talent that rubs against it. I am very grateful to have partnered with Dorry, which has brought us the first book – “Wealth Diaries” – An Entrepreneur’s World the first of many to come.
One of the key messages in the book is to “Be original, figure out what you love to do on this planet and go for it”.

Phillip Grueff – Humanise

Phillip Grueff’s life story is definitely a successful one. Dropping out of school at the age of 14, without the ability to read or write, Phillip was told he would never amount to anything. Phillip refused to give up on himself.

Today Phillip has received the rewards of his self-belief, drive and determination. The owner of ARCS Building Group a multi-million dollar company, Phillip remains humble and dedicated to helping others. Phillip attributes a lot of his success to his parents and sports, when he was twelve years old and his father introduced him to the sport of rowing. He recalls the hard work and the result generate form working within a team was necessary to being successful at rowing. He vividly remembers his coach telling him that even after the race was over you never stop you keep rowing.

He has metaphorically continued that premise with his drive and determination. After leaving school at 14, Phillip’s father, a builder, told him to start his apprenticeship. During the apprenticeship, while the other apprentices were making $280 , Phillip only made $50. His father kept encouraging him by telling him to focus on the numerous possibilities of what he could make when he became a tradesman. Phillip kept his eyes on the prize. When his apprenticeship was completed Phillip started his own business, and the rest is history.

Phillip has received numerous awards and recognition including 2006-2007 BRW 46th fastest growing business, 2005-2006 finalist is the My Business Awards fastest growing business, to name a few. Phillip has various ambitions for the future which include writing his first book “Breaking All the Rules,” Continuing to push boundaries with all of his projects including his co-founding “Humanise” Business Leaders Group and “Foundation5Dollars” the non profit organization dedicated to raising five million dollars.