Aus Asia Business Program

Host Stacey Martin, interviews the who’s who of the international Asian trade, investment and development scene providing key insights for SME's.


The Aus-Asia Business Program gives SMEs the knowhow and insights they need to break into international markets across the Asia Pacific region and beyond. Host Stacey Martin, interviews the who’s who of the international trade and development scene. 






Episode #017 - Aus Asia Business - Are the intangible assets in your business valuable?

What are the intangible assets in your business and how valuable are they? Yumi Millan Managing Director of EverEdge Global Australia explains to Stacey the intellectual property, patents and how you can protect your trade secrets to maximise the value of your business.

Episode #016 - Aus Asia Business - Does Strong Brand Presence in Australia Guarantee Success in China?

What is the importance of having the right marketing and strategy plan in place when entering the Chinese market?  Is your product the right product, would it sell to the Chinese market?  Stacey talks with Simon Kaiyuli, principal of Cross Cultural Partner about marketing strategy in China, how it’s very different to working with Australian consumers.

Episode #015 - Aus Asia Business - Want to make your SME irresistible to Chinese investors?

More than ever before, Chinese investors are looking to form strong strategic partnerships with SME Australian businesses. Sought after business includes those in the food, agriculture, health and aged care industries. But how do you find these opportunities?

Episode #014 - Aus Asia Business - Think you can create something bigger than Facebook?

The start-up world is booming; calling entrepreneurs to come forward and make their billions. Facebook, Uber, Airbnb, Billion Dollar Club, Dropbox, Snapchat. They all started with one idea. But where do these ideas come from?

Episode #013 - Aus Asia Business - Making Taxing Tasks Simple

In this episode Stacey sits down with Jennifer Yeo, Director of Evora Legal. Jennifer is the “go-to“ lawyer when it comes to international tax, with experience advising multinational companies on cross-border trade and investment throughout Asia Pacific.






Stacey Martin

Stacey Martin is known for her passion for networking and connecting. Through her financial services and international trade and investment experience she asks the right questions to help listeners navigate international opportunities.

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