Aus Asia Business Program

Host Stacey Martin, interviews the who’s who of the international Asian trade, investment and development scene providing key insights for SME's.


The Aus-Asia Business Program gives SMEs the knowhow and insights they need to break into international markets across the Asia Pacific region and beyond. Host Stacey Martin, interviews the who’s who of the international trade and development scene. 






Episode #006 - Aus Asia Business - At your service

Australian Services Roundtable CEO, Alina Bain dropped by the Aus-Asia Business Program to have a chat with host Stacey Martin. After recently leading a successful trade mission to Indonesia, Alina discussed how SMEs can benefit from a trade mission prior to engaging overseas operations. She also shared her thoughts on what the free trade agreement between Australia and China really means, plus much more.

Episode #005 - Aus Asia Business - The Arduous Art of Identifying Early Investment Trends

Expert Financial Consultant and Thought Leader and Founder of financial consultancy firm Basis Point, David Chin stopped by the Aus-Asia Business Program to have a chat with host Stacey Martin. In this podcast David explains why the Australian film industry is a potential goldmine for Chinese investors. He also shares his tips on how to negotiate in Asia using the brand and reputation of Australia.

Episode #004 - Aus Asia Business - Advice from an Intuitive Entrepreneur

Tony Dormer, Managing Director of accounting firm Tricor Chew and Dormers, past President & Board Director of the NSW Business Chamber and author, stopped by the Aus Asia Business Program to have a chat with host Stacey Martin. Dormer talks about the importance of business owners obtaining a trustworthy accountant, a book that he recently co-authored called Born To Lead?, as well as giving our listeners some very helpful tips about expanding business into the Asian market.

Episode #003 - Aus Asia Business - Connecting Culturally Different People for One Common Goal

Farms and Finance founder Adam Goern took the time to have a chat with Aus-Asia Business Program host Stacey Martin. Adam talked about his idea behind creating Farms and Finance and provided some great insights for businesses looking to expand into the Asian market. Adam's interview starts at 10:40.

Episode #002 - Aus Asia Business - How to Navigate and Thrive in Hong Kong and Wider Asia

International business enabler and former AustCham CEO Drew Waters stopped by the Aus-Asia Business Program to share a wealth of insights with our audience. Drew discusses the advantages Hong Kong holds for Australian's when it comes to the Asian trading market and also shares his three biggest tips for thriving overseas.






Stacey Martin

Stacey Martin is known for her passion for networking and connecting. Through her financial services and international trade and investment experience she asks the right questions to help listeners navigate international opportunities.

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