A Podcast that translates Geek into Regular Speak. Tech expert Brett Levy discusses cool tech, Virtual and Augmented Reality and more! 

#TechKnowledgy is a weekly up to the minute technology-focused podcast that speaks to a very broad audience from the super geek to those who just want to catch up on the latest updates in consumer technologies and innovation. Find out more about the latest releases of hot gadgets, innovation in the mobile and wearable space, consumer IoT inventions, Augmented/Mixed/Virtual Reality, some AI, with a dab of Blockchain and more.


Episode #079 - TechKnowledgy - Zombie Apocalypse!

Merry Merry Christmas Geeks from our #TechKnowledgy hosts Brett & Angela!  Thanks to our s

#AppOfTheWeek is all about the air quality - we all care about what we are breathing. #Plume can help you make the decision - stay indoors or go safe to go outside  Pretty cool app!

#ThingzWithAZ - This week we have a few to talk about; #The Cardless Cash Scam - mobiles can now access the ATM - What next? #Cyber Monday - how much was spent? Computer says no! Actually #China says no to foreign hard/ware software. Take a guess what the solution here is. #USA vs France - TO TAX OR NOT TO TAX!


Episode #078 - TechKnowledgy - Face Off!

A + B = Angela & Brett our hosts of the TechKnowledgy show! This week we bring you another winner of the #Alcatel 4 3T 10 Audio Station and Tablet - Paula Wynyard - enjoy!

App Of the Week is #Tubi - do you love watching TV shows for FREE? Brett tells us his experience with Tubi.

Special guest Eagle Producer Tes is on the show today- Jimdo - remember the challenge, both Angela & Tes had to build a website.  Brett picks the winner of the bestest website!

Thingz With a Z this week we have #Twitter, #Uber, #Tesla, #Optus #NBN gets a mention.

It's All Geek To Me - We are up to the letter 'Y'. Let's see if Brett can impress Angela. What rating will he get?

Episode #077 - TechKnowledgy - Make it Friendly!

Brett & Angela keep things moving and shake it up a bit in this week's episode. Angela is getting micro chipped - and Brett is going to hack it or her.....Must be a full moon!

They talk #AppOfTheWeek - #Service NSW - holographic digital licence - who build the world's first? Share multiple #ThingZWithAZ -  #Hacking with #LaserBeams; #AppleCreditCard - oh no Apple your in trouble with Brett again - listen to find out why.

#ItsAllGeekToMe - the letter "X" is up for grabs - The Greeks made everything right? 


Episode #076 - TechKnowledgy - Recycle for Good!

#AppOfTheWeek – #myTOMRA – this is used to get money back from recycling machines for your plastics and cans. Now you have the choice to donate to the #BushfiresNSW appeal. Come on everyone, just do it! The Greek Gods are angry - a line has been crossed by #Facebook - will they redeem themselves? #Alibaba gets a mention about $38 Billion worth! #Kepler Communication - will it give #NBN a run for it's money? 

#ThingzWithAZ! What shiny new toy has Brett been playing with this week? Well it's the awesome new TCL Plex. #Uber advertising + 1 billion losses. #ItsAllGeekToMe! We continue with the letter "W" mmmm what can it be. Find out more when you listen in on this week's episode. Check you later!

Episode #075 - TechKnowledgy - Show me your Screen!

#AppOfTheWeek – not an app I’m told by our Uber Geek Brett (he wants me to call him that) – it a website builder #Jimdo! Amazingly cheap! Guess what keep google in mind. #Samsung Foldable – Brett held it, played with it and I think he is almost in love with it now! Shhh do'nt tell #Apple!

#ThingzWithAZ! Headsets that will declare war and kill people. #TikTok countdown to apps building customised devices just for them. Who cares about a logo? #Facebook,#Instagram and #WhatsApp do. #Apple is going to solve the affordable housing crisis with a $2.5 billion dollar political donation! #ItsAllGeekToMe #VanEckPhreaking digital espionage, hacking it’s the next impossible mission. Check you later!


Brett Levy

With a passion for all things digital, Brett is at the forefront of new developments in data analytics, brand development and insight.

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