A Podcast that translates Geek into Regular Speak. Tech expert Brett Levy discusses cool tech, Virtual and Augmented Reality and more! 

#TechKnowledgy is a weekly up to the minute technology-focused podcast that speaks to a very broad audience from the super geek to those who just want to catch up on the latest updates in consumer technologies and innovation. Find out more about the latest releases of hot gadgets, innovation in the mobile and wearable space, consumer IoT inventions, Augmented/Mixed/Virtual Reality, some AI, with a dab of Blockchain and more.


Episode #072 - TechKnowledgy - The Bear Necessities!

Turning #Geek into regular speak in our awesome #TechKnowledgyShow  is what we do well, even if I say so myself! Brett and I usually go head to head on many of the discoveries or follow ups or Tech news. I'm #Windows, he’s #Mac. I’m right, he’s wrong. You see the pattern right?

I was truly bowled over by our App of the week – #BEAR. Thingz – with a Z! Brett reported in on #Fortnite – the game! The US is trialling a niche product, #UberPets for all those peeps who have pets! OK – Its All Geek To Me is up to the letter 'S'.

Episode #071 - TechKnowledgy - Take the long Route!

What an episode this week! #BrettLevy & #AngelaVithoulkas went overtime but I guess that’s the benefit of being the Chief Eagle - it’s her clock to set!

Angela was pleased with the APP of The Week being #Woven 2.0 again – this app really does change your calendar life, but #Office365 still isn’t playing nice! The #WangiriScam, call & cut. Phone Fraud....Hot off the press Super Eagle News - #Spotify adds #Podcasts. Woohoo!! #Samsung Foldable SmartPhone - take a breath! #IOS to update or to not update? This is the question.

Episode #070 - TechKnowledgy - The Gig is up!

The greatest "geek" hosts of all time!! Brett & Angela. Brett's still mourning, sulking, crying, swearing about #Apple! As Elsa says or rather sings "Let It Go"...

If your weird and like things that go bump in the night then #FNAF is for you. #Microsoft or is it #Samsung.. Who works for who here? Survey results are in and the number 1 destination to work in the Tech Eco #Startup System is... have a listen to find out. I bet you wont be able to guess. And #Amazon makes the naughty list!!

Episode #069 - TechKnowledgy - Rotten Apple!

This week we find out that “ringxiety” is a real syndrome and that FB is getting into dating- be afraid, be very afraid! Angela gloats over Brett’s devastation re the Iphone 11 launch and Human 2.0 Bio Hacking is moving frighteningly fast. Google is being sued and our App of the week is PrintToSave. Very cool.

Episode #068 - TechKnowledgy - Racing Off Site!

We have awesome Alcatel 1T7 Tablets to give away.  Thank you Alcatel ! Brett’s #AppoftheWeeK, Asphalt 9 from Gameloft Thingz with a “z” and the letter “O” in “Its All Geek to Me” and Our guests Liling and Jess from PIEX Education. These ladies work with S.T.E.A.M.  Not sure what that means well there is only one way to find out. What will the rating be from Angela this week? 


Brett Levy

With a passion for all things digital, Brett is at the forefront of new developments in data analytics, brand development and insight.

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